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iOS Update now available

iOS version 1.5.4 now available. Click to see full details.

Android Update Now Available

Android version 1.5.4 available. Click to see more details.

Windows Phone MAJOR UPDATE

After some long hours we finally found the bug crashing MTM on Windows Phone. Get the new version ASAP.

Amazon Kindle Now Supported!

Get MTM on Android powered Amazon devices.

Windows Phone version now available!

Now available in the Windows Phone store Monster Truck Mayhem!

The Annihilation has begun!

Matter has found a way to trap anti-matter, it has all but begun now. With just one more move they will touch and the Annihilation will begin.

Beginning The Development Journey

This is the development blog for Annihilation. In this blog we will dive into the depths of what we are working on, challenges we may face etc.

The Editor

The level editor has been completed allowing the team to fly through level creation. Also today some art assets have begun to emerge.