The Annihilation has begun!

There once was this enormous mass floating in the nothingness of space.  Inside there only lived two occupants.  One who was energetic and jumped all around the mass.  Another who was everything the energetic one was not.  The energetic one was Matter and his cohabitant Anti-Matter.  The two danced around for ages until one day the Matter got an idea.  He had noticed Anti-Matter was acting in the exact opposite way he was and devised a plan.  Not knowing what he may have just started he decided he would trap Anti-Matter so that his only move was one which resulted in a collision with himself.  His next move would start something amazing for when Matter and Anti-Matter collide they start an Annihilation in which they will be destroyed but in their destruction a solar system is born scattering Mass around the galaxy leaving the potential for another Annihilation.

This new puzzler will put you controlling our friend Matter.  You goal is to move through the Galaxies and populate them with solar systems.  This task as daunting as it may seem is one of extreme importance for in these creations you just may discover something great.

Posted on: August 30th, 2015


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