The Editor

The editor is now finished and level creation has begun.  We have quickly created 25 levels to test our capabilities and had a ton of fun doing it.  This may not seem to be exciting news to you as why would a user care about the editor?  Create your own content! Thats why.  If after launch we find we have a large enough user base we have developed the editor in a way to quickly turn it into a User Editor Scene and allow users to create levels and share them with others.  Now this will not be releasing at launch just a little taste of what may happen.  

Also exciting in the world of Annihilation we have some of art assets completed and do care to share.

matter.png                            anti-matter.png

Here we have Anti-Matter(Left) and Matter(Right).  Matter is your lovable, friendly and energetic pal who is just looking for someone to hangout with.  Anti-Matter however is quite antisocial, shy and down right determined to keep things the way they are.


Can you help Matter find his friend Anti-Matter and create the Annihilation!

Posted on: September 6th, 2015


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