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Download Full Press Kit : Medieval Mayhem Press Kit

The world is in shambles, the Underworld has broken out and has run amok. Take control of the Palatini, an elite group of warriors, to save the world.

Upgrade your warriors to work your way through multiple worlds of exciting and challenging battles. Earn stars for your level of completion. 

- Purchase wisely as your equipment will enhance your warriors skills.  
Weapon upgrades enhance your accuracy. Accuracy allows you to have a skinnier wedge which means the odds of hitting your target are increased. 

Helmet upgrades enhance your vision. Vision is used to give your warriors more consistent accuracy. The higher the vision the more likely you will receive a perfect accuracy move, meaning you go straight down the wedge.

Shield upgrades enhance your defense. Defense will allow you to see your opponents max move from further away. When an enemy is within your defense distance you will see their move circle flashing around them.

Bracer upgrades enhance your luck. Luck is used to determine the likelihood of things like a treasure appearing.

Shoulder upgrades enhance your intelligence. Intelligence is used to give your warriors more consistent move distance. The higher the intelligence the more likely you will receive a exact distance move, meaning you will stop in the center of the blue/red fade of the wedge.

Clothes upgrades enhance your agility. Agility is used to determine the length of distance you can travel.

Earn experience points as you complete various tasks throughout the levels. Level up and gain new abilities. Once at a certain level you will unlock magic. Magic Points(MP) are used to perform spells. Collect MP by performing various tasks in the battles. Die and lose all MP.

FAIL and lose our world to the Underworld!



Meet the Cast



This is a Warrior.  He is like the Warriors you will command.

  • Upgradable equipment increases skills
    • Weapons - Accuracy
    • Helmets - Vision
    • Shields - Defense
    • Bracers - Luck
    • Shoulders - Intelligence
    • Clothes - Agility



  • Not intelligent
  • Can't move far
  • Typical Warrior of the underworld
  • Inaccurate attacks



  • Smarter than skeletons
  • Commands skeletons
  • Moves medium distance
  • Has semi-accurate attacks
  • Less common warrior



  • Intelligent
  • Commands skeletons and zombies
  • Moves very far
  • Incredibly accurate
  • Elite unit of the underworld commands multiple squads
  • Can be in a squad of demons used as a special force unit


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